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We are trained to perform audits in all aeronautical aspects within any airline, airport or company. We can help you to obtain certifications performing pre-certification audits.


We can help you to find the best solution for your growing business like designing a runway, apron but also determining if your documentation fits the latest regulations.


Our incoming e-Reporting tool will provide all aeronautical entities with detailed analysis of events, easy but powerful online event filling tool and a dedicated access for aviation authorities.

About US

Aviation Safety Expert & Advisor

Our team is made of one safety expert, former line pilot & ground operations engineer, and of a safety advisor, former ATC instructor & ground operations engineer.

Our differents former positions help us to cover the wide range of aviation safety to ensure the best efficiency reaching safety.

If you want to know more about our competencies and how we can help your organisation, contact us using the below dedicated section.

  • Analisys

    Our wide range of experience is a real asset

  • Availability

    Highly mobile with low prior request

  • Contacts

    Large address book covering manufacturers, airlines, authorities etc

Our Team

Aviation Expert & Advisor
ADC Julien
ADC Julien
Aviation Safety Expert
Former pilot on Boeing 737 and Airbus A320, Julien decided to switch back to ground position as operations engineer. After few years, he switched to SMS Deputy manager in Air Ivoire before joining chadian company RJM Aviation.
LNU David
LNU David
Aviation Safety Advisor
David is a former Air Traffic Controller in the french army light aviation. Based in the biggest air base (regarding air movement per year), he became an instructor on all positions in less than a year. He finally switched to ground operations at Cannes airport before joining Chalair Aviation. He finally joined RJM Aviation as operations engineer and SMS Deputy manager.

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RJM Aviation, Chad          RJM Aviation, Chad

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Aeronautical headlines regarding safety events

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